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Hi everyone! My name is Shannon Stocks and I am your 2011-12 Livingston USY President. I have been an active part of Livingston USY as well as regional USY since my freshman year and I am now a senior. It is hard to believe that I have come all this way, but I plan to make this last year in USY a great one for all of us. You can find me at any convention, dance, or LUSY event and I will be very happy to talk to you and make you feel welcome!This year our board is working hard to have a lot of fun and different events for LUSY members. We are going to incorporate out-of-temple events, multi-chapter events, and lock-ins. We're hoping to have an ongoing color war going on, monthly lounge nights, and so much more. Also look forward to seeing many social action projects because I love Tikkun Olam or "repairing the world"! I am on the Social Action and Tikkun Olam Committee on Regional board. The summer of 2010 I went on Mission Mitzvah USY on Wheels. And this summer of 2011 I will be attending L'takayn Olam which is a USY Israel Pilgrimage program centered around community service. So if you have any questions about USY summer programs let me know-- I will be more than happy to answer them! USY is about being yourself, finding a nice group of friends, and becoming a better person along the way. I know that in my years of USY I have been able to grow and develop into a more responsible, loving, and friendly person. My only hope is that you have an amazing experience in USY as I did. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to email me at shannon.l.stocks@gmail.com.

Shannon Stocks
Emma Siegel

Vice President 

Hey LUSY! I'm Emma Siegel, LUSY's 2011-2012 Executive Vice President. I'm a Junior at Livingston High School. I love USY so much! I've gone on USY on Wheels thrice and I'm an active regional and international member of USY. I am also on the Hagalil Regional General Board as Summer Programs Recruiter. I love USY because its a great way to meet other Jewish teens with similar interests and to have a great time. As Executive VP this year, I will be the chairperson for Hagalil's Midwinter Convention which will be hosted at Temple Beth Shalom in Februray. I hope to help make LUSY the best that it can be and achieve great things because I believe that we can! To contact me, email esiegs95@yahoo.com and feel free to add me on facebook!

Communications VP

What is up everyone?! I'm Annie Rishty, LUSY's Communications VP, and a sophomore and Livingston High School. Last year I wasn't too sure about joining USY, but once I attended the first event, I was hooked. I love USY so much, I just HAD to run for LUSY board. My goal is to get as many of you beautiful people to join this awesome Jewish teen group. Although that may take countless e-mails and a billion, awesome promo vids (made my Doron and I), it's definitely a challenge I am willing to take on. USY has become a part of my life -- its like my left leg! (haha) Joining USY was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my life -- Everyone that is a part of USY is just so loving and welcoming and I always feel so comfortable -- as if I was meant to be a part of this awesome group. I'm definitely the girl you want to talk to at any event -- so friend me on Facebook or send me an email at smilewithmeabc@comcast.net. I'm getting the feeling that this year is going to be an awesome year with TONS of new members. 


Annie Rishty
Alyssa Posklensky

Marketing and Social Networking VP

Hi, I'm Alyssa Posklensky and I'm your Social Media/ Marketing VP! Currently, I'm a Junior at Livingston High School, and I've been a member of LUSY since my Freshman year.I love USY and I want to make this year awesome, for everybody. I want everyone to have a great time at all of our events, and for our chapter to do lots of insanely fun things this year.    I'm excited to be the first in this position and bring you all sorts of LUSY updates! Don't forget to check out LUSY on Facebook at Livingston USY and on Twitter @LivingstonUSY. Also, you can shoot me an email me at alyssaposk@gmail.com, or add me on Facebook!


Margo Fleishman 

Carly Chroman

Programming VP 

Hello, I'm Carly Chroman and I am your Programming VP for the 2011-2012 LUSY board. I've always loved USY and I'm extremely excited that I can finally become a more active and involved USYer! I've made so many amazing friends and had so many incredible experiences in USY, and I'm extremely excited to share that all with you through some amazing LUSY programs! I have so many great ideas for new programs and I'm also excited to hear what ideas you guys have for new programs or any input you'd like to add. I can't wait to see you all at our programs! GO LUSY!!!!!

 Sa/To VP

Rachel Saunders

Michelle Schwartz

Membership/Kadima VP

Hi guys! My name is Michelle Schwartz and I am LUSY's 2011-2012 Membership and Kadima VP. I'm currently a junior at Livingston High School. I love USY because it is an amazing way to meet lifelong friends while becoming closer to your Jewish Heritage. I chose to be the membership position on board because I wanted to reach out to potential members and help them see how amazing USY really is. Having a close chapter is important to me and I love the sense of family that USY offers. I'm so excited to be part of the board and to participate in making LUSY even more exciting and fun!

Israel Awareness VP

Hey guys! My name is Doron Rasis (you can call me DurDur) and I’m really excited to represent the face of Israel Affairs this year in USY! I am currently a sophomore at Livingston High School. I’m looking forward to spreading knowledge of Israeli culture to our LUSY community this year and I hope that everybody in our chapter can feel a little bit closer to the holy land. I am really passionate about USY and want everybody in our chapter not only to share my passion for USY but also my passion for Israeli culture. If you have any questions about Israel or have any suggestions for different ways to handle Israel affairs in our chapter you can email me at doronwich@gmail.com.


Religious Education VP

Hi, my name is Ilana Shaiman and this year I hope to accomplish a lot in Usy.  I am the Rel/ed vp of the livingston chapter.  I love Usy and have attended lots of hagalil events, Usy on wheels, and IC orlando.  I would like to have more people come to events and have a lot of holiday events.  This year is going to be wonderful.

Freshman Representative

Brian Hauptman and Brian Luster

General Board Members:

Birthday Postcards:

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Senior Rep: 

Junior Rep: 

Sophomore Rep: 

Summer Programs Recruiter:


Hey USYers!! I am Jason Krane and I am LUSY's Advisor. After graduating from the University of Hartford in 2010 I decided I missed USY so much I wanted to be a part of USY again. As a past USYer from the Bridgewater chapter, I have so many stories and experiences all because of USY. I love USY because it gives Jewish teens the opportunity to meet one another and make friends from all over the state, and go on summer programs to make friends all over the country. If you have any questions about USY please feel free to contact me at jasonandrewkrane@gmail.com.

Jason Krane

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